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Soul Care for the Caretaker

For the caretakers, for the healers, for the story-keepers—for anyone needing to offer
themselves soul-care:

Enjoy a day-long retreat with Jenny Wade (psychotherapist, yoga therapist, and body
image expert) and Carter Umhau (psychotherapist, writer, and artist) for a day of reviving
your creativity and enlivening your body. Our soul longs to be embodied, to express, and
to connect to the sensuality of the world. This curated experience blends psychotherapy,
creative writing, yoga therapy, and delicious, intentional mealtimes in order to help you
come home to yourself more deeply.

We will gather on a luscious private property in Woodinville and enjoy meals and snacks
prepared by our private chef.

This day away will ask you to more deeply inhabit the space that is yours, reclaim the
power of your own story, and bring you closer to yourself and others through sensory
experience, expression, and embodiment.

This retreat is a blending of the curriculum that Carter and Jenny have worked to build
together over the last two years. By integrating their passions of creative
writing, art, yoga, and the body they teach participants how to build emotional and
spiritual resilience through creativity, play, and embodiment. They are excited to bring
Shame + Play into a day-long experience for those hungry for soul-care.

This intimate retreat is limited to fifteen guests.
$150 for this full-day retreat
$130 if you sign up before September 8.

The retreat includes…
 a full day of soulful conversation, creative writing, and yoga
 personalized therapeutic engagement lead by therapists Jenny and Carter
 breakfast and snacks
 a feast of a lunch provided by private chef Simone Pierson
 a closing cocktail hour together
 connection with other soulful women